Information Technology (IT) is acquiringassuming an important cross-cutting nature in the strategies employed by many organisations, and increasingly accompanies the digital transformation processes that are crucial to entities like the ones that comprise San Valero Group. For us, it i’s clear that a shared, complete vision that brings together the technological capabilities of each of the group’s institutions is the best way to address the challenges posed by these transformation processes, developing projects and activities together.

Contact us:

Grupo San Valero

Avda. Ramón Sainz de Varanda 1-3.

50009 Zaragoza


Area members:

Santiago Gallego (Responsable, Centro San Valero)

Adelaida Buisán (Universidad San Jorge)

Virginia Rymer (Fundación Dominicana San Valero)

Alberto López (CPA Salduie)

Rubén Girona (SEAS)