European projects

Spain in the European Union for more than a quarter of century

The success of this adventure is unquestionable, it has enabled Spain to enter more quickly into modernity, strengthen its economy and its image in the international scene. Community policies have been established at different levels, starting with agriculture, through transportation, environment and education. In this sense, San Valero Group has synchronised its European trajectory participating in the different initiatives marked by diverse European Union policies, all of them always relating to training and education, a sector its activity is focused to.

In all this time San Valero Group has participated and led important projects of European initiatives such as ADAPT, INTEGRA, LIFE, LIFE PLUS, LEONARDO da VINCI, INTELLIGENT ENERGY-EUROPE, SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME , JOINT TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVES, etc.

Throughout this trajectory, the European Commission has awarded San Valero Group with two important awards such as the Best Life Environment Award on two occasions and the Best of the Best Life Environment Award once for the importance and significance of the results obtained.