CPA Salduie
Training institution with official vocational education and training qualifications in audiovisuals and sports

CPA Salduie began in 1997 as an audiovisual training institution at the Aragón TV facilities. Currently, it has diversified the courses it offers with specialisation in physical activity and sports. If offers six Advanced Vocational Education and Training modules, both on-campus and online, with more than 40 own online qualifications in collaboration with SEAS Estudios Abiertos and San Jorge University via the website: It is also a CollabroatonCollaboration Centre approved by the Government of Aragón to develop Training Plans for Employment, offering 20 specialities.

CPA Salduie has become a benchmark for training due to the professionalism of its teaching staff, its dynamic and innovative methodology, is top-notch facilities and technical teams, and its direct contact with the corporate world. With 19 years of experience, the institution offers an exclusive student-based academic model, complemented with master classes given by professionals, visits, workshops, trips, festivals and aid for personal projects.

Centro de Formación Juan Pablo II de Fundación CAI
Avda. Ramón Sainz de Varanda, 1-3
Telephone number: 976 522 741


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