San Valero Group has been working on an international scale for more than 20 years. The various European innovation initiatives bear witness to this, including (PETRA, Life, ADAPT, Leonardo, VII R&D Framework Programme...), setting up new educational areas ensuring we are at the forefront and always focused on our students. Noteworthy among the awards and recognitions we have received from the European Union the Best of the Best Life Environment and the Best Life Environment prizes. The latter has been awarded to our institution twice. In the development collaboration area, we are proud to lead one of the most widespread and sustainable Aragonese projects in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Our project facilitates access to education and training for many young people and children, who would not otherwise have had access to it.

Contact us:

Grupo San Valero

Avda. Ramón Sainz de Varanda, 1-3.

50009 Zaragoza



Area members:

María Nieves Zubalez Marco (Directora)

María Pilar Alfonso Palacín (Universidad San Jorge)

José René Frías (Fundación Dominicana San Valero)

Ana Costero (SEAS)

Estrella Oliván (Centro San Valero)

Laura Zaurín Paniagua (Universidad San Jorge)