An opportunity to reflect on achievements and future challenges

9 May, Europe Day, a date that commemorates Robert Schuman’s historic declaration in 1950, considered to be the beginning of what we know today as the European Union. On this day, European countries come together to celebrate the values of peace, solidarity and cooperation that have been central to the construction of the European project.

This year, the celebration is particularly relevant in a global context marked by unprecedented challenges. Europe is facing a number of challenges that require a joint and coordinated response.

Over the years, the EU has worked tirelessly to strengthen ties between its member countries, fostering collaboration in areas such as trade, education, research and innovation.

In the field of education and training, the EU has played a crucial role through programmes such as Erasmus+, which promotes everything from educational innovation actions to mobilities, whether of students, teachers or other profiles in the same field across Europe. Or the Life+ programme, Europe’s main instrument for the environment and climate action, concrete examples of Europe’s commitment to the protection of the planet and the well-being of future generations.

Over the last three decades, the San Valero Group has participated in different initiatives that have been shaping EU policies, all of them related to training, education, innovation and the environment.

Throughout this time we have participated and led important European initiative projects such as ADAPT, INTEGRA, LIFE, LIFE PLUS, LEONARDO da VINCI, INTELLIGENT ENERGY FOR EUROPE, SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME, JOINT TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVES, etc… And received important awards such as the Best Life Environment Award on two occasions and the Best of the Best Life Environment Award for the importance and transcendence of the results obtained.

Coinciding with this celebration, the expert courses developed in the framework of the Multilevel Hybrid Learning project were presented in Brussels. The project partners from the three European Union countries participating in the project (Italy, Belgium and Spain) highlighted the main objective of this project, which enables rapid and agile training for working professionals, students in their final year of vocational training or university studies and recent graduates. This training responds to the current needs of the company identified in the first prospective phase of the project and to the profound technological transformation that is taking place, the so-called 4th industrial revolution that fully affects the academic and business world. This is why the approach of this project is multilevel; vocational training + university + enterprises.

This Europe Day is an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved and what challenges still lie ahead. In an increasingly interconnected and globalised world, unity and collaboration between European countries is more important than ever to address common challenges and build a prosperous and sustainable future for all.

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*Cover image: E.U. representatives and project promoters presented in Brussels.