The Hydrogen Mobility Technician Training Course has just started

Developed under the European project UpHyMob participated by San Valero Group

The European Commission takes a leading role in global decarbonization by emphasizing the crucial role of hydrogen in its goals. With an ambitious strategy, it aims to achieve sustainable production of renewable hydrogen in the short term, focusing especially on the mobility sector.

Workforce requalification emerges as a crucial measure to prevent unemployment amid the imminent shift towards a green mobility sector, thus consolidating the European Union's commitment to sustainability and positive transformation of the transportation industry.

In this context, the urgent need for a specialized workforce becomes evident, particularly technicians with specific skills such as inventory management, vehicle instrumentation, diagnosis and repair of H2 powertrains, as well as the installation and maintenance of hydrogen refuelling stations following precise protocols.

In response to this demand, and through the UpHyMob project in which San Valero Group participates alongside partners from three different countries, a MOOC-format training program has been designed to equip European Union workers in this sector. 

Thus, the Hydrogen Mobility Technician Training Course developed under the European UpHyMob project is a significant step towards enhancing capabilities and knowledge in the hydrogen mobility sector, contributing to progress and innovation in this constantly growing field. 

This 30-hour free course is aimed at hydrogen mobility technicians, specialized personnel in hydrogen refuelling stations, mechanics of hydrogen-powered vehicles, and professionals working with fleets of such vehicles. It addresses aspects such as inspection and maintenance operation, safety protocols related to hydrogen storage, first aid, emergency procedures, detection, and diagnosis of faults in H2 vehicles, as well as in hydrogen refueling stations. 

The UpHyMob project was approved under the ERASMUS+ Program in its "innovation development" line and will be operational until June 2024. In addition to San Valero Group, the project involves FHA - Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragón (Spain); Promea (Greece) Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies, Innovela (Belgium) a consulting firm based in Brussels offering advice to clients throughout the European Union, and IST - Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa (Portugal), a reputable institution in engineering at the University of Lisbon.

If you are interested in taking this training, you can sign up HERE 

More information on the progress of the UpHyMob project is available HERE